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  • Toonvidio Unlimited Club Unlimited access to our growing collection of 10,000+ studio quality 2D/3D characters, objects, bgs, templates and themes. One time investment.
  • Greater Explaindio Creators Vault 12m HUGE Video Assets bundle which includes: 700 Animated Slides, 5,600 Doodle Sketch Images, 700 Video Backgrounds, and 2,100 Stock Photos. It is bundle of 7-month worth of Explaindio Designers Club membership.
  • PinBot 3.0 PinBot 3.0 is the ultimate Pinterest automation software. It helps you to automate your entire Pinterest account's activities and a whole lot more. PinBot works on all systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Explaindio Video Creator 2 Pro LIFETIME Explaindio Video Creator Software

How can I use PLR for internet marketing?

If you’ve been looking for the answer to all of your content problems, Private Label Rights will surely be the right choice. Quick and easy content will make life a whole lot easier when you need to put something together real quick.

You will have a choice of eBooks, affiliate reviews, individual articles, blog posts, short reports, and 5 packs (5 pages per pack) to choose from. You will have a variety of options available, and you’ll be able to pick as many as you like. In order to buy, simply click the add to cart button next to any product that fits your bill. Once you’ve completed your selection, simply click on the checkout button to complete your purchase.

I only have 2 rules when it comes to the PLR I create, and those are you cannot use my name on the content, and you cannot pass on PLR rights. You can change them as you see fit, which includes switching titles, altering the wordage, adding your words or product name, and breaking up the content to use for larger packages of your own.

If you have any requests for fresh PLR, use the sign up form to the right!

PLR (or private label rights) is one of the best internet content tools available for you to use and make money for yourself online. It doesn’t matter if your building blogs, websites or you just want new and fresh content, PLR will save you time, money and propel your efforts in marketing far beyond your competitors.

I don’t know if you have ever created your own written content – articles, blog posts, reports, e-books, e-courses – but it can take a LOT of time and energy. Especially if you’re doing it day in and day out!

PLR content helps by providing a foundation of material that you can then use to populate your website and blog, create e-courses for promoting products, and much more.

Even better, PLR material can easily be turned into solid products that you can then SELL, over and over!

The number one requirement for using PLR in this way is that you start with GOOD QUALITY PLR. There’s a lot of junk PLR out there, and you’d really have to put a ton of time and work into it to make it usable. Not only is it usually poorly written (spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere) – the content itself gives bad advice and/or meaningless information.

Even with good quality PLR, it’s a good idea to rewrite it or change it somehow so that you’re not using the same exact content that everyone else is.

There are tons of ways to do this, the very basic of which involves simply rewording articles and reports. You can also add in your own comments and expertise on the subject, or combine more than one document to create something brand new. You can even create new formats, like turning PLR articles into audio podcasts.

PLR is something every internet marketer needs in their tool chest to be more effective in ranking in search engine indexing. Fresh content is always a winner in any type of marketing venture and PLR could help you get right to the top.