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All Natural Cancer Cures Are Not For Everyone – Protocols Need Research

I started a new protocol on 2-1-2016. This protocol consists of 80% fruit, 20% veggies, and low Methionine, below 160mg daily.

At first, it was working like a charm. During the end of the 1st month, I started to notice a lot of pain coming from the tumor area. The swollen lymph node began to swell very fast. At the beginning of the second month, the tumor started to take on the shape of an abscess.

This abscess continued to grow and fill with pus and fluid. Of course, this was new to me so I really didn’t know what to do. I contacted the individual who created this protocol and was told he had never experienced this with any of the people he had helped with curing their cancer.

Well great! I was thinking that this really was the protocol for me. Then some strange things started to be revealed. Because of the fruit be 80% of the diet, my PH levels began to drop. For me this is a problem. Then, the pain started to come more frequently.

Now, I can handle pain. This pain was different. The pain associated with my condition ran from the bottom of the neck, to the top of my head. The pain was so great, I could not focus on anything, except the pain.

I started with 2 Advil every 4 hours. On March 13th, 2016, I was up to 8 Advil every 4 hours. If I missed the 4th hour by 30 minutes, I would have to handle the pain until the Advil kicked in, which takes about an hour.

Emailed the Protocol creator with the recent issues, to no avail. I guess I am different.

The abscess grew so large it would need medical attention. On the night of 3-5-2016, my body decided to lance the abscess on its own. The blister popped when I was sleeping. I had fluid all over my neck and chest. My pillows and blankets were drenched.

I woke only to use the restroom and was very surprised. My wife, the nurse, was working at that time, so I had to clean and dress the “wound” on the side of my neck. The pressure behind the abscess created a hole – about the size of a dime. Yes, a dime…!

After cleaning and dressing the wound, I thought to myself, “This is it” the cat is out of the bag. To my knowledge, once there is a wound or sore on the tumor site, they never heal. However, I had to look on the bright side. The pain had decreased 80%. I was able to decrease the use of Advil almost immediately.

Then something happened. The pain returned with a vengeance. I can’t figure out what is causing all this pain. I remembered reading Dr. Majalca’s Protocol using PH therapy. He states that when the body has a PH reading below 7 (or neutral), the bacteria, viruses, and degenerative microbes are having a party on/in me.

A low PH invites overgrowth of all things bad. In turn, your body is highly Inflamated. Your inflammatory factor has just risen 10 fold.

As of the evening of 3-13-2016, I stopped the protocol.

Almost upon thought, I started a high PH protocol consisting of, (You Guessed It), massive amounts of carrot juice, cucumber juice, celery juice, beet juice and Sodium Bicarb. I also re-started the Budwig protocol, which consists of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, flaxseed is also ground and mixed with the mussel. I use the mixture for breakfast and lunch; dinner normally is a salad of mixed veggies. I also mix, in a gallon jug, 1 tablespoon of Sodium Bicarb, 2 whole lemons – juiced, and 1 lemon sliced in pieces. Only use distilled or clean bottled water for the mix. This can be consumed all day long.

After 2 days of this, the pain is all but gone. My body is feeling as if a complete change has taken place. I feel better, I look better (because I shaved), and the pain has not returned.

All of this because of a protocol that wasn’t for me.

I knew of this when I got started with trying to cure my own cancer. In fact, Cancer Tutor explains that everyone is different. No 2 people in the world are identical. This includes identical twins. Our DNA differentiates us on purpose. This is God’s plan. We are unique to life.

With that being said, why would one protocol not work for everyone? It can’t. Everyone is different, we already know. What makes it even more difficult is to factor in age, weight, medical history, current health status, medication history, supplemental history, physical condition, race, dental history, blood type, daily water intake, smoker or none, etc..,

These are only the things I know, but when it comes down to it, just because a protocol is working for one person, you cannot copy what they are doing and expect the same results. Your results might end up something like mine. Instead of making it better, it simply made it worse. The truth is, many of us may not recover from a protocol that didn’t work.

With a blessing from GOD, I am still here and able to recover and continue to move forward.
Believe me, it was a scary 45 days. However, we have corrected our course and are now raising the body PH naturally in order to keep my body in a defensive state, complete with a plethora of a good antioxidant and oxidative balance.

For those following me, it’s important to understand the information I have just put before you. The reason is, you can not find people on the internet who have cured their cancer, and begin using the same exact protocols. You must, and I repeat “MUST” do the research. Find out the side effects, problems, or issues that could result when implementing that particular protocol.

I have been doing this for 2 years, I should have known better. However, it goes to show you that even people who have been doing this a while can make a mistake that could cost a life.